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Colorado Gets to Vote – 2012 Caucus

It’s that time again, the Colorado Caucuses are tonight. The beginning of the 2012 election cycle starts tonight for registered voters that have declared a party affiliation.  Democrats and Republicans only. If you are one of those Independents or undeclared, you will just have to wait until those brave enough to join one of the two major parties decides on who you will get to vote for this November.

Yes, being an Independent is the same as being a sheep, no leading just a lot of following.  Don’t get mad at me, your the one who wanted to be Independent, remember?

The caucus system is about discussing the candidates qualifications, arguing over who is the better man or woman for the job and then voting on them.  We use little scrap pieces of paper and they are hand counted. No high tech stuff to screw up here.  We also decide who the precinct leaders will be and delegates to the County Assembly and also for the State and Congressional later in the Spring and Summer.

Colorado is not a primary State.

So we hope you are involved, doesn’t matter which side, we all have opinions, but grass roots participation is the key to Colorado politics.


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Centennial Construction – Basement Finishing

Investing in a Basement Finishing Project Just Makes Sense

The economy continues to be sluggish. Housing is still down. Banks still aren’t lending.

Need more room but can’t sell your house? Centennial Construction has an answer. Look underground and you might find gold! No, not real gold, but the value of your basement after you have it finished.  Investing in a basement finishing project is a whole lot less expensive than buying a bigger home and easier to pay for too. Compare moving from a 3000 sq ft, 3 bedroom 2 bath home at $350,000 to a 4000 sq ft, 4 bedroom 3 bath home at $475,000 to finishing your 1000 sq ft basement with a bedroom, bath and family room for around $45,000 – $55,000.

Basement Finishing - Centennial Construction

Just makes sense.  See more at Basement Finishing on Squidoo or Centennial Construction

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The Villager Newspaper – Spotlight on Business – Grill at the Pines branches out

After operating as Rodney’s for a time, Grill at the Pines debuted last September with a new menu and attitude. By Peter Jones

If a restaurant reopens in the forest and no one has eaten there for a while, does it make a sound … or even a decent prime-rib dip sandwich?

Grill at the Pines may be challenged by location, in a woody area tucked away on the northern outskirts of Castle Rock, but with its sturdy American menu and emphasis on quality, the Grill has slowly emerged from the best-kept secret

via The Villager Newspaper – Spotlight on Business – Grill at the Pines branches out.

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Obama focuses on new energy industries during Aurora visit – Aurora Sentinel: Hp Metro

AURORA | Speaking to dozens of military men and women at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora on Jan. 26, President Barack Obama touted the base’s commitment to new energy and reiterated the dangers of a nation dependent on foreign oil.

Obama visited Aurora as part of a five-state tour promoting key topics in the State of the Union speech he delivered on Jan. 24.

via Obama focuses on new energy industries during Aurora visit – Aurora Sentinel: Hp Metro.

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Motorcycle Depot

Motorcycle Depot.

South Metro Denver’s best small motorcycle shop. Adam and crew do an outstanding job on repair, maintenance and accessories. Winter is her and now is the time to get your bike taken care of.

And don’t forget this weekend’s swap meet. Great deals on just about everything.

Closed now, reopens tomorrow 9:00 am.
Tue – Fri: 9:00 am 5:30 pm
Sat: 9:00 am 3:00 pm

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Five Tax Resolutions for Small Business Owners | Fox Small Business Center

Five Tax Resolutions for Small Business Owners | Fox Small Business Center.

It’s that time of year. You should have everything ready to go for your accountant.  No accountant? Then get a good computer program and go for it.

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Louboutin and the Little Red (Litigious) Shoes –

Louboutin and the Little Red (Litigious) Shoes –

Christian Louboutin shoes sued designer Yves St. Laurent for trademark infringement of its all red shoe soles. This week a federal appellate court will hear arguments in this case most insiders agree it is unlikely the appellate court will rule in favor of the shoe designer. Typically colors are considered function not trademarks. However the United States Supreme Court has ruled that color alone could be a trademark.

How does this affect your business? Are all your trademarks legitimate? Has someone infringed on your trademarks? You never know you might have a case.

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Raising Capital Just Got a Little Easier : The World :: American Express OPEN Forum

CapLinked, which offers an online platform for managing capital raising, has scored another $500,000 in angel funding. Its total: $1.4 million.Yes, the company, whose founders and some funders include ex-PayPal-ers, used its own tools to raise the money. The Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based start-up—which just topped $12 billion in deals hosted—helps companies manage documents, share information and connect with investors. Last month the company, which has been described as LinkedIn-meets-Sales or aiming to be, announced its integration with Facebook and Twitter.

via Raising Capital Just Got a Little Easier : The World :: American Express OPEN Forum.

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Basement Finishing, Basement Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling

Basement Finishing, Basement Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling.

We survived the last three years without the economy totally tanking and we are seeing an uptick in the building trades.  Basement finishing or kitchen remodeling is one the best ways to increase the value of your home for resale or just for more comfort and living space.

While the housing market is still depressed making it more difficult for homeowners to sell, if you need more space you might want to consider a basement finishing project.  We added a  family room, master bedroom and bath (2nd), laundry room, and utility room in approximately 800 sq.ft. for about  $35 a square foot.   Nothing like the extra space for family and friends not to mention what we save in utilities by using the basement master bedroom during the summer months. It’s always cooler down there.

Contact Dave at Centennial Construction, he helped design and build ours and we swear by his expertise.

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Castle Rock business shares secrets of its success – Our Colorado News: Growth

Castle Rock business shares secrets of its success – Our Colorado News: Growth.

It great when our local businesses are successful. is one of those special companies that has found a great niche and is doing well in it.

More of a solution based business model they have found a way to not just survive but thrive in today’s tough economic times. And they are willing to share how they do it. Easy article to read at by Rhonda Moore.

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